Download the free app for Apple, Android, Android TV or Amazon Fire Stick, install RADIO HOUSE on your device, press PLAY and listen or watch … Simple as that. You can connect your smartphone to headphones, to any portable speaker or to the car stereo in bluetooth and listen to it anywhere. Or maybe you can download the app on your SmartTV, watch it and listen to it.

How much does RADIO HOUSE cost?

The RADIO HOUSE app is completely free. Download it now from the Stores.

Is RADIO HOUSE also listenable on FM/AM?

No, RADIO HOUSE is a digital radio, available only as an app. You can still listen to RADIO HOUSE from any car that has an AUX input or Bluetooth connection. Or see it from a SmartTV. Or connect to the site.

Does the application use traffic even if I have a promotion for music? How much traffic does it consume?

The RADIO HOUSE app is not included in plans with music and / or video services. Our stream costs around 50mb for an hour of listening.

Why can’t I select the songs I prefer to listen to at that moment?

RADIO HOUSE is a radio, not a streaming platform like Apple Music or Spotify where the music is at your direct request. The songs that are broadcast have been carefully chosen and compiled by our team of artists and programmers to offer you the broadest and most complete panorama of electronic music in the world.

Where can I find RADIO HOUSE playlists or show podcasts?

Connect to our page on Spotify or click the link you find on the site and you will find updated lists of our main playlists. Connect to our page on Soundcloud or click the link you find on the site and you will be able to listen to a selection updated every week of our scheduled programs. Listen to RADIO HOUSE 24/7 to find the best current, past and future electronic music.

How can I tell you about a technical problem that I have encountered?

If you have encountered a technical problem, send us a precise and detailed description of what you have encountered, also attaching any screenshots, to the email info@radiohouse.it

How is music broadcast on RADIO HOUSE?

The radio is transmitted at 192kbps in MP3 format.